November 2016

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  • Turn Ordinary Mason Jars Into Mason Jars With Things In Them

    If you’re like most Americans, you’re constantly trying to figure out what to do with the abundance of mason jars you bought that one time you thought about getting into canning. Relax! We’ve got a craft solution that will help you forget about how easily you abandoned that little endeavor. This project is both simple and fun. […] More

  • Happening Now: Trump Announces New Cabinet

    With rumors and speculation running wild, President-Elect Donald Trump has finally announced his new cabinet. “It gives me great pleasure to announce I have selected this beautiful, narrow credenza featuring iron scroll details.” The pick comes as a shock to both the media, as well as those close to Trump. Advisor Kelly Anne Conway says while […] More

  • Woman Files For Divorce After Realizing Husband Is A Virgo

    “Regret and disappointment.” Those are the two words Mary Stevens used to describe her pending divorce from husband John. Having only been married for 3 months, Mary was blissfully unaware of a major issue that would bring her marriage to a screeching halt. Never paying much attention to astrology in the past, Mary recently began reading her horoscope […] More

  • Study: America Needs Will Smith To Drop Some New Raps

    After one of the toughest political seasons we’ve ever had, people in this country are tired. The infighting. The mudslinging. The foul language. When will it stop? When will we all be able to unite around something? Something good and pure. According to a recent study, over 87% of people surveyed fondly remember Will Smith’s “Summertime”. One […] More