5 Simple Distraction Techniques You Can Use At Work (Or Anywhere!)

Sometimes you need to excuse yourself from the weekly staff meeting without causing suspicion. Sometimes Keith from accounting just won’t shut up. Whatever the situation, here are five simple techniques you can use today to distract your coworkers and disarm your superiors.


Mention how everyone from Home Improvement has basically just disappeared

Sure, Tim has another show and Al does the occasional informercial, but where are the kids? Your coworkers will be busy trying to remember a random guest staring role while you’re already long gone. Nice.


Do The Electric Slide

You gotta feel it… It’s electric! The classic dance you know and love from every wedding you’ve ever been to is now your go-to solution for getting out of awkward situations.

Boss upset you forgot a report? Just Boogie woogie, woogie your way out of his office. He’ll either be really confused or better yet, he’ll jump in too! Situation defused!


Point at someone/something else

What’s that? Over there. Is that Mark from HR? What’s he wearing today? I wonder if his wife is still cheating on him? Look at Mark, everyone.


Casually bring up The Office

People fricken love The Office. They’ll be busy misquoting their favorite episodes while you’re free to do anything you want. That’s what she said!


Say “Bitcoin”

Then walk away. The conversation will consume the office while you make a quick escape! They’ll still be talking about some fictional nerd currency while you’re already home warming up some leftovers. FTW!

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