Advice: Your Coworker’s GoFundMe Page…

Eek. It’s a slippery slope.

Dear K –

My Coworker’s cat was recently diagnosed with some sort of new cat diabetes. He said there is no medication, but he wants to take the cat on a cross country road trip before he passes.

What sort of obligation, if any, do I have here?


Dear Chuck,

None… Then again, if you don’t toss $5 at the guy, it could make your afternoon walk to the bathroom even more awkward than it already is. On the other hand, if you do make a donation, he could think you want to be friends and that’s no good either.

Kill the cat? No. No. That’s wrong. Right? Yeah no that’s wrong.

What about making an anonymous donation? That way you won’t have to take any heat. However, you will be enabling this guy and his ridiculous cat-venture. This is a tough.

Try this: Come up with an elaborate backstory about how cats killed your twin sister and how you can’t even talk about cats without the scars of loss reopening back to that cold Massachusetts afternoon that you’ve just now made up to add believable detail.

Boom. Problem solved. If he gets suspicious, photoshop a female version of your childhood self and place it in a frame on your desk.

Good Luck, Chuck.

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