OH NOOO! Your Samsung Note Exploded! What Now?!

Ok, so you bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 thinking you were super cool. You were probably showing it off to your friends and coworkers.

“Check this out. It has a pen!”

But just like many others, your new device exploded, melted, and blew up your Jeep Cherokee.

So what now? We’ve come up with a few options.

Re-Activate your old iPhone with the broken screen

iphone-4-broken-screen-repairYou have no idea why the hell you kept it, but you did. It’s been in a drawer, or maybe your car’s trunk. Probably for more than a year.

You still remember using it before you got a new phone. The cracked screen wasn’t really that bad, was it? Sure you could only read the first part of a text, but isn’t that the most important part anyway? At least you’ll still be connected.

Buy a new phone

imgresAfter getting burned…literally… by your last phone, choosing a new one will be difficult. Maybe instead of trying to be on the cusp of technology, you go a few years back and get something that just works. Remember those little flip phones? Yeah you do. You remember how to text with just numbers, right? Of course you do.

Go off the grid

deluxe-adult-caveman-costumeScrew it. You don’t need a phone, do you? I mean who really needs to get calls, and messages and emails and the net worth of aging celebrities while you’re out at dinner?

Just think, you’ll be even more unique than you were trying to be by buying a Galaxy Note!

Good Luck!

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