These 5 Life Hacks Will Help You Live Like A Billionaire

Ok, so you’re no Jeff Bezos. But that shouldn’t stop you from living like a boss.

Check out these 5 tips that real billionaires use every single day!

1. Hire A Personal Assistant

Why are you wasting time opening your own caviar? For just $35,000-$45,000 a year, you can have your very own personal assistant to handle all the mundane tasks you’re too good to do yourself.

2. Buy A Private Jet

Sick of long lines at the Airport? Checking luggage. Sharing armrests. Enough. For a mere $3 million to $90 million, you can ease your troubles and travel in style. With such an affordable price tag, it’s hard to believe so many idiots still choose to fly coach.

3. Buy An Island

If sharing a property with hundreds of other guests isn’t your bag, think about an island. For about the cost of your Starbucks Franchise Group, you too can have a little piece of heaven. Plus you’ll save a ton of time with check-ins.

4. Smite Your Enemies

Ever have someone cut you off in traffic? Oftentimes it can stress you out for the rest of the day. Next time, consider buying their employer and the mortgage on their house. That way, you can slowly destroy their life while still investing in stable assets.

5. Buy The Moon

Sometimes it seems like there’s not enough hours in the day. For most people that means they can’t accomplish everything they want. But you’ve already decided you’re not most people. Why not take the ultimate step and buy the moon? That way YOU will control how many hours are in a day. Need time? Hold it back. Done with today? That’s your choice. The world is your oyster and the moon is now your bitch.

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