Kipzio Staff

  • RV Driving Madman Wins Race… And Our Hearts

    Daytona – As the checkered flags came down, a new champion was crowned at Daytona on Sunday. Newcomer and complete unknown, Dave Cactus, came from nowhere to clinch the win in what the other racers are calling “inspiring but still a little fucked up.” NASCAR’s Martin Truex Jr. seemed to have a clear victory in […] More

  • WOW: Local Man Gets Adequate Amount Of Napkins At Drive-Thru

    Local man Dale Grimble may just be the luckiest guy you’ll meet. After recently winning $25 on a $2 lottery scratch-off, Dale has once again hit the jackpot. On an unsuspecting Sunday, Dale visited his local McDonalds and placed an order that would change his life. “It was two cheeseburgers, fries and one of those […] More

  • Coworker Wants You To Know It’s Really Cold Outside

    In the wake of 24 hour news cycles and constant social media updates, there are still a few things that fall through the cracks. Sure, you may know about overseas conflicts and be up to date on the latest political scandal, but have you been outside? In an attempt to educate the masses, your coworker […] More

  • President Trump Tries To Do His Best Alec Baldwin Impression

    Taking his feud with Alec Baldwin to new levels, President Donald Trump today came out for a rare personal appearance in order to roast the actor who portrays him on SNL. “Alec Baldwin’s poor impression of me is not great. I am great, so I know great.” said Trump. The President went on to ask […] More

  • 5 Simple Distraction Techniques You Can Use At Work (Or Anywhere!)

    Sometimes you need to excuse yourself from the weekly staff meeting without causing suspicion. Sometimes Keith from accounting just won’t shut up. Whatever the situation, here are five simple techniques you can use today to distract your coworkers and disarm your superiors. 1. Mention how everyone from Home Improvement has basically just disappeared Sure, Tim […] More

  • 3 Times We’ve All Almost Crapped Our Pants In Public

    3., 2., 1. Literally any time you’re at someone else’s house. Like every time. Why do you even leave the house, let alone for a dinner party. You know how you get. How’s that plate of cheese sitting now? Not well. You’re looking at your phone trying to figure out how long before you can […] More