Following NYE Party, Coworker Now “All About House Music”

As a new year begins, millions of Americans are returning to work.

Dale Freedman, a sales associate from Chicago, says his job is typically pretty mundane.

“It’s a mindless job, which is perfect for me actually.” commented Dale.

However, upon arriving at his desk after a week off, Dale immediately noticed something was different.

“It was like a thump, thump, thump type of noise.”

In the next cubical, Dale’s coworker Sean was already back to work, and was basically having a one person rave.

“I went to a New Year’s party and this was playing. It was such a good time! Now it’s stuck in my head!” Sean exclaimed.

Sean, who typically listens to the sound of the building’s air conditioning like everyone else, now had a new found appreciation for kicking beats and glow sticks.

“It’s like I can actually feel the music” Sean added as his bobblehead collection all nodded in agreement.

Attempting to avoid a prolonged conversation about Sean’s weekend, Dale returned to his desk and began making calls.

It wasn’t until lunchtime when things took a turn for the worse.

“He downloaded some sort of mixer app. It’s like he thinks he’s a DJ now or something.” Dale said with two fingers on the bridge of his nose.

After listening to four straight mashups of what sounded like a sheep being murdered inside a speaker, Dale could no longer stay silent.

“I walked over and gently reminded him that he drives a minivan and has three kids. That seemed to bring him back down a few pegs.”

By 3:00pm, it seemed the rigors of his boring job had finally brought Sean back to reality.

“Wow, it’s crazy how bad this music can be when you’re completely sober.” said Sean.

Glad to have his coworker back, Dale offered to buy him a bag of chips from the vending machine. As they walked to the break room, they passed by the Sarah the intern’s desk.

“Sean! Did I see you at the NYE SmashMash Dub Step Extravaganza on Saturday?”

Sean looked over at Dave and then smiled back at Sarah.

“No. I’m 38 years old and that would be ridiculous.”

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