New ABC show “Fish Tank” helps “business owners” raise capital

After the overwhelming success of ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank”, executives at the network began searching for a new angle to expand the show even further.

Realizing that not every company needs millions to launch their business, the Disney subsidiary has announced production on their newest foray into investor based television: Fish Tank.

Fish Tank, premiering this fall, will showcase smaller companies trying to make their mark in the ever growing world of internet commerce.

Producer Tim Tamersnip says it’s been an interesting few weeks of shooting.

“Our first pitch was from a woman who wanted to start selling essential oils. She said she had always dreamed of running her own business. We tried telling her it wasn’t really a smart business, but she only needed like $99 to get started so we said fuck it.”

Tamersnip said things spiraled out of control after that.

“Basically like 300 people showed up wanting to sell essential oils. Like, look around you. You’re all thinking this is a good idea?”

But then finally, a visionary emerged from the group.

Pam Simpson, a stay-at-home wife, came in with something truly unique: leggings.

“I started buying them from a friend on Facebook when she revealed her secret to success… Becoming a distributor!”

For only $249, Pam would be able to save over 35% off what she was currently spending on fashion leggings. That alone she said was worth the price.

“Not to mention all my friends and family can see me posting about leggings and becoming a true entrepreneur which I’m totally sure they are going to love.”

Tamersnip said that while he can not reveal whether they funded Pam before the premier, he did sigh for like a good 30 seconds.

While filming is already underway, contestants are still able to submit their pitches to the show via email by clicking here.

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