• New ABC show “Fish Tank” helps “business owners” raise capital

    After the overwhelming success of ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank”, executives at the network began searching for a new angle to expand the show even further. Realizing that not every company needs millions to launch their business, the Disney subsidiary has announced production on their newest foray into investor based television: Fish Tank. Fish Tank, […] More

  • Following NYE Party, Coworker Now “All About House Music”

    As a new year begins, millions of Americans are returning to work. Dale Freedman, a sales associate from Chicago, says his job is typically pretty mundane. “It’s a mindless job, which is perfect for me actually.” commented Dale. However, upon arriving at his desk after a week off, Dale immediately noticed something was different. “It […] More

  • Why Workplaces Should Adopt Bitmoji

    Bitmoji is the texting app that creates those sometimes-accurate sometimes-ridiculous 2-D iPhone renderings of us. Bitmoji, which advertises itself as “your expressive cartoon avatar”, has taken off for its comical likeness to us and vast, fitting selection of expressions. But a more fundamental reason for Bitmoji’s success may be this: a face tells a million […] More