It’s Cold AF. Stay Inside And Get Lost On The Internet

So maybe you’re in the northeast, and the temperature outside makes doing anything almost impossible. Maybe you’re just lazy and feel like wasting an entire day just lounging around. Either way, we’ve put together a few awesome videos from around the web to keep you occupied.

The Most Satisfying Video In The World

The good folks over at Digg have put together something pretty amazing. Set to the music of ____, this 5 minute masterpiece (above) shows everything from a baseball being slowly compressed to a factory that separates egg yolks from whites. It may sound stupid, but it’s worth it. Don’t believe me? Just watch.

When you’re done, why not go over to reddit and check out what the internet is saying? The consensus is that it could have been, well, more satisfying:

That can crushing at the beginning was not satisfying at all. Those cans could have been crushed so much more than that.

Weird Video makes you feel things

Ever hear the term “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response” before? While the technical term can sound a bit… technical… the science is pretty interesting. Basically just hearing or seeing certain things can produce a physical response. Like a tingle on the back of your neck, or a chill through your body. There is actually an entire internet subculture devoted to ASMR. If this video doesn’t do it for you, there are literally millions. Just search ASMR.

As a bonus, knowing there are people who are super in to this probably makes you less weird by comparison.

A washing machine…with a brick in it…on a mini trampoline.

We’ve featured this video before, but it’s so damn good it warrants inclusion here as well. There isn’t much more we’re going to say about this. It’s pretty self explanatory/amazing, so just watch it.

Aerial footage of sheep being herded

Again, this video requires very little set up. Aerial photographer and pilot Tim Whittaker shot this footage of hundreds of sheep in New Zealand being herded across an amazing landscape. Ewe just sit back and enjoy.

So now what? You’ve watched the videos and you’re still stuck inside. No worries, we have a post for that. Maybe you’d rather just sit and take a virtual vacation with some songs named after places? We’ve got that too.

Whatever you do, stay warm. More importantly if you think we left off an important video, please tell us in the comments or hit us up on twitter @kipzio.