Our Favorite Moments From The Oscars… On Social Media

The 2016 Oscars have come to a close. The gold statues and $200,000 gift bags have been distributed and the after parties have come to a close. So let’s take a minute to review the best of the Academy Awards… or at least the best tweets about it.

Chris Rock was classic Chris Rock


Stay Dash showed up and it was super awkward.

Everyone remembers Dionne from Clueless, right? Well actress Stacey Dash is back in the public consciousness lately for several comments she has made including calling for an end to Black History Month.

So obviously the smart move would be to have her come out at The Oscars, right? A show already clouded in controversy over #OscarsSoWhite. Let’s just say it was… well, awkward to say the least.

Jenny Beavan won an Oscar and people didn’t clap. The internet noticed.

Ok, so you’re probably saying “who?”, and that’s normal. It’s not as if she is very well known. However Jenny Beavan is one of an endless number of people behind the scenes of our favorite movies. Beavan won the Oscar for Costume Design for her work in “Mad Max: Fury Road.”

Normally that would have passed by with little fan fare if not for this:

Leo finally won an Oscar. Everyone can relax now.

Just in case you wanted to know…

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