BRAKING NEWS: Elderly Woman Slows For Stop Sign Way Too Early

It was an unseasonably warm March afternoon when Dolores Svitzner was running her daily errands. She had already been over to the post office and was now traveling to the grocery store across town.

Dolores has taken this route many times. It’s the same route she takes daily. “I always take this route. It’s the same one I take every day.” said Svitzner.

Elderly womanIt was on her way down East Avenue when this story takes a very slow turn.

Dolores came to a small crest, and as she did, she could see a STOP sign ahead. Granted, the sign was about 1/4 mile away, but somehow even in to her eighties, Dolores still had keen eye sight.

Not wanting to blow right through it, she began to apply her brakes for the stop, much to the dismay of the gentleman traveling behind her.

One witness said he could hear the gentleman out his driver side window say something like “You have got to be kidding me.”

As Dolores continued braking for the sign that was still quite some ways down the road, a thought popped into her head. “I thought to myself, is this where I turn?”

Not wanting to put her turning signal too soon, she continued her slow, methodical braking, until the stop sign was almost upon her. She put her signal on, only then to realize that this was not her turn. “How silly. This is Prospect Street. This isn’t my turn.” she chuckled.

A glance in her rearview mirror revealed an increasingly frustrated male driver who has told us that he has ended up behind Svitzner “every damn day”. “It’s like every time I found a new route to work, there she is again. Her Blue Buick haunts my dreams.”

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. Dolores made it to the grocery store and the gentleman driver was seen speeding eastbound, giving what appeared to be a “thumbs up” for the elderly driver who finally found her way.