Help! I’ve been under a rock. Tell me about 2016

Oh man, I’ve probably missed so much

It just another Monday morning. You walk to work the same way you always have, but this time, something is different. You feel like someone is watching you.

Wait. What’s that? Is that… is that a guy under a rock?

You go over to check it out

manYou:  “Holy shit. What are you doing under there buddy?”

Guy Under Rock: “Oh hey. I’m Hank. I’ve been living under this rock for the past 12 months.”

You: “Well hank, you actually picked a pretty decent year to hide under a rock.”

Hank: “Really? Tell me more.”

You: “Well, there has been some pretty nasty stuff going on. There have been several police involved shootings and it’s really taking it’s toll on the public’s ability to trust law enforcement. Oh and Prince died.”

Hank: “Hold up, like “Prince” Prince?”

You: “Yes, i’m afraid so. Also Willy Wonka and the mom from Everybody Loves Raymond.”

Hank: “Good lord. It has been a rough year. Wait isn’t there an election going on?”

You: “I was hoping you wouldn’t ask. Yes, it’s down to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.”

Hank: “No fricken way. Really? Like Donald Trump? People are taking him seriously??”

You: “Yes, afraid so. Also I forgot, Professor Snape from Harry Potter. He’s dead too.”

Hank: “Honestly, I would have voted for Professor Snape before I’d vote for Donald Trump OR Hillary Clinton.”

You: “Yeah. Same.”

Hank: “Well, I guess I’ll just crawl back under this rock. Things seem worse than before.”

You: *crawl under the rock with him and live there forever*


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