Trump Organization Releases New Cologne: Hot Garbage

Eau de toilette.

From the fairways of southern Florida to the halls of the Whitehouse, now you too an smell just like a Trump.

Hot Garbage, the new scent from Trump International captures the essence of the entire Trump family in one, nauseating aroma.

Unbutton your sport coat and bask in the medley of Aqua Velva and Drakkar Noir mixed with a splash of urine and finished off with a just hint of Russian vodka.

A bouquet of hatred and impropriety, Hot Garbage is already setting the craft scent industry ablaze.

“Appropriately named” said one scent expert.

“I feel like my nose just got assaulted and called a racist name at the same time.” said another.

So whether you’re heading out for a night on the town or just staying in for a night of tweeting, this is the scent for you.

Hot Garbage is currently available at fine retailers and several 7-11 locations throughout the continental United States.

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