How To Waste 10 Minutes On The Internet

Ok, so you may not think this is all that difficult. I mean, it’s the internet. There are literally bazillions of pages of stuff to look at. But we’ve hand picked a few of our favorites so you can spend that 10 minutes truly wasting time instead of searching for time wasters.

The Office Stare Machine

giphyThis is one of the simplest ideas. Granted the site could use a little user interface work, but it is what it is… GOLD.

The site showcases every single time a character breaks the 4th wall and stares at the camera. You can then search every one by emotion, Like “confused” or “sad”. Needless to say there are a ton of Jim Halpert clips.

The site is similar to The Office Time Machine, which shows clips about pop culture from the series. Just enter a year and instantly be transported to all the cultural references the show captured.

Not a bad way to spend ten minutes… that’s what she said!


Why not choose your own internet adventure? We all remember those books from our youth.

Now ClickHole has taken it to the next level with modern adventures like “Your Flight’s Been Delayed. Can You Kill 5 Hours At The Airport?” or “Can You Keep Up A Conversation With Your Dad?“. There are tons of these hilarious scenarios which are guaranteed to be a giant waste of your time.

Paint Like Pollock

Screenshot -
Screenshot –
No frills. No distractions. Just a white canvas for you to paint like the famous artist Jackson Pollock. Simply move your mouse around to paint. You can change the color just by clicking.

The endless random splatters are sure to keep you entertained for minutes on end.


By far one of our favorite sites. Impress your friends. Annoy your co-workers. Search an endless supply of hilarious gifs from dancing food to your favorite tv show clips.

Save them, tweet them, caption them. There’s no wrong way to do it. Reaction gifs are an easy way to start. Send us your best captions on twitter.

What are some of your favorite time wasting sites? Send us yours on twitter @kipzio