Customer Service Representative Really Appreciates Your Patience

Your business is important to her.

While technology has made vast leaps over the past 20 years, the one thing we haven’t been able to find more of is time.

That’s why Sarah wants to thank you for your patience.

She appreciates your business and understands how busy you are.

If she could just have a few moments to lookup your account. Yes? Ok.

After six moments, she returns and thanks you once again for your patience.

She apologies for the inconvenience, but if you could just verify the last four digits of your account number, that would really help expedite things.

Great. Just let her confirm that for you.

She found it!

Would it be too much trouble for you to verify the email associated with the account?

You don’t remember? Hmm. Please give her an additional moment to look into this. She will be back with you shortly.

After thanking you once again for your continued patience, she asks for just a few more details in order to confirm your identity. After all, it’s for your protection.

How about your mother’s first boyfriend? No?

Your second pet’s biggest fear? Nah? We’ll get this figured out.

Your favorite TV dad who turned out to be a rapist?

Boom! You’re in.

She has sent your updated login credentials and you’re good to go.

She thanks you once again for choosing for all your movie time needs.

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