Stock Market, Guy From Local Grocery Store Both At Record High

Tech stocks and medical grade marijuana leading the charge.

In recent days, stocks have reached an all-time high. Driven by a positive outlook on the nation’s economy, many advisors and brokerages are warning that the growth is unsustainable.

Far from Wall Street, Mark Lupper is also at an all time high due to some “sweet” medical grade marijuana he got from his cousin. A cashier at James Markets, an independent grocer located outside Philadelphia, Mark has recently reached what he calls “record highs”. These highs are accompanied by the intense desire to listen to his dad’s old vinyl records.

According to Jim Switzel, a top analyst at JP Morgan Chase, these highs are also unlikely to last.

“What Mark is experiencing right now is… well it’s great. We all wish we could have those “record highs” now and again. However Mark is still young and eventually will have to get another job, likely something a bit more time consuming. This will inevitably decrease the amount of time he would have previously had to get high. It’s really fascinating stuff.”

As for the stock market, Mark says he’s already on top of it.

“Yes, I stocked the market like 20 minutes ago. It should be good for a while.”

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