Where Are They Now: Things You’ve Misplaced Over The Past 20 Years

Inspiring! Amazing! Under The Dryer!

We all misplace things. Keys, clothes, trust. But what ever happened to those things after all this time? We investigated and the results will shock you to your core.

That grey hoodie you had in college

Remember? It was so soft. Like it was literally the best hoodie ever and you lost it.

Major bummer. But here’s some great news, it’s doing just fine! It ended up in a Salvation Army store in Northern Ohio and was purchased by a young gentleman who was “looking for a hoodie”.

Your Ace of Base CD

You saw the sign, but then left this classic masterpiece at a party. You accused your roommate of stealing it which led to a massive fight.

Life is demanding, without understanding.

Anyway, the CD made it’s rounds for a while but now it’s part of a half finished 90’s themed DIY coaster set you’ll eventually see on Etsy. Rock on.

Your retainer

Remember? Your mom was livid. She and your dad spent “good money” on this thing and you left it at a god damned movie theater. Classy.

Well guess what… it’s still there. Row 7, Seat B. Right where you left it.

How? Well honestly nobody goes to the movies anymore so it just kind of stuck there. It’s basically part of the floor now, but I bet if you pry hard enough, that puppy will come right up.

Your self respect

It’s been gone for so long it’s basically just a distant memory at this point, but rest assured, it too is right where you left it.

Main Street. December 31st, 1999.

The “end of the world” party where you ended up streaking across town screaming Prince lyrics until you were arrested and subsequently dubbed “that little naked fella”.

That name will never die and neither will that little piece of you.

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