WOW: Local Man Gets Adequate Amount Of Napkins At Drive-Thru

Local man Dale Grimble may just be the luckiest guy you’ll meet.

After recently winning $25 on a $2 lottery scratch-off, Dale has once again hit the jackpot.

On an unsuspecting Sunday, Dale visited his local McDonalds and placed an order that would change his life.

“It was two cheeseburgers, fries and one of those fancy smoothies they have.” recalled Dale.

He remembers thinking this, like every trip to a fast food drive-thru, would end with an inadequate amount of napkins for the meal he ordered.

“Typically I’d need at least two napkins. The fries can be greasy. Oftentimes they don’t even provide one.”

But unbeknownst to Dale, a new trainee was working the window. Having not completed the “Don’t give out any napkins” program, the new employee accidentally put not one or two, but six napkins in Dale’s order.

“It felt like I had won the lottery again!” Dale boasted.

No longer would he be forced to wipe the fry salt on his jeans. This was a game changer.

Later asked for comment, the trainee who had been let go after the napkin incident said he only did what he thought was right.

“The guy was going to be eating two cheeseburgers and fires while driving. I thought a few napkins was the least I could do.”

A true hero.

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