President Trump Tries To Do His Best Alec Baldwin Impression

I know they’re both white, but it was kinda racist

Taking his feud with Alec Baldwin to new levels, President Donald Trump today came out for a rare personal appearance in order to roast the actor who portrays him on SNL.

“Alec Baldwin’s poor impression of me is not great. I am great, so I know great.” said Trump.

The President went on to ask Baldwin “What’s in HIS wallet?” in his best Alec voice which sounded like an offensive Sylvester Stallone impersonation.

Trump then continued on his tirade, trashing dozens of movies, many of which actually starred Robert Dinero.

While almost all of the comments were negative, Trump did say he enjoyed Baldwin’s starring role in Hallmark’s 2013 “Be My Valentine”, a part wikipedia confirms was played by the actor’s brother, Billy Baldwin.

President Trump ended the press conference by announcing a new weekly television address that will air immediately following Saturday Night Live titled “Saturday Night Lies”.

“This will give me a chance to set the record straight on a weekly basis. SNL is fake news!”

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