Which Bond Villain Would You Rather Vote For Over Trump?

If the current republican nominee has you feeling like you’d rather vote for literally anyone else, here are a few Bond Villains that are a bit easier to swallow.

Auric Goldfinger

Age: 42
Occupation:  Jeweller, a metallurgist, and a smuggler.
Running Mate: Oddjob


Looking for a candidate that still loves gold? Well look no further. This guy friggen loves gold. Like a lot. Also, he is boundlessly greedy and loves Pussy. Sound familiar?

Max Zorin

Age: 42
Occupation: Businessman, Entrepreneur
Running Mate: N/A


Perhaps you’re looking for someone a bit closer to Trump? This guy fits the bill nicely.

A cut throat businessman with ties to Russia and the KGB, Max Zorin is completely ruthless and displays a near-total lack of loyalty to his own men. Plus, look at him. I mean come on.

Hugo Drax

Age: N/A
Occupation: Self Employed
Running Mate: Jaws


Like any normal businessman, Hugo Drax uses his knowledge of the impending disaster to play the stock market. He also wants to “Make America Great Again” by destroying the world and replacing everyone with fit young blondes.

So this November, exercise your right to vote by writing in one of these qualified tyrants for President. I mean come on, how much worse could they really be?

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