January 2016

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  • Our Favorite Funny Political Tweets… So Far

    The 2016 campaign season is underway, which can mean only one thing: Political tweets. The jokes, the GIFs, the endless supply of candidate one-liners and reactions. It’s the only part of the seemingly endless election cycle that is actually entertaining. This year certainly has no shortage of material. With candidates such as Donald Trump, Ben […] More

  • Iowa-nna Know: What The Shuck Is A Caucus?

    There can often be too much information flying at you during a political election. Aside from the attacks, the debates, the internet memes and oh, the actual election, there are many areas where average voters are still left in the dark. Electoral Colleges? Swing States? Donald Trump?? The news in the past few weeks has […] More

  • Seven Ways To Kill Time When You Are Stuck Inside

    With the east coast still recovering from #Blizzard2016, many in places like D.C. and NYC are still hunkered in, waiting for the snow to clear. So how can you make use of this time? Sure you could just go back to bed and wait it out, but why not turn this time into something positive? […] More

  • Snow Getting You Down? We Have A Playlist For That.

    Winter weather can often make you feel just as cold and gloomy as it looks out the window. The icy temperatures and piles of wet, white stuff can really bring down your mood. In addition, several other factors can make winter feel like a pretty depressing time of year. So how can you warm up […] More

  • Our Favorite Funny Food Tweets

    What could possibly be better than jokes and food together in one place? NOTHING. Here are just a few of our favorites. Be sure to follow these funny folks on Twitter… or don’t and miss out on gold like this: A neat thing about eating gluten-free is when you run out of food you can […] More

  • How To Waste 10 Minutes On The Internet

    Ok, so you may not think this is all that difficult. I mean, it’s the internet. There are literally bazillions of pages of stuff to look at. But we’ve hand picked a few of our favorites so you can spend that 10 minutes truly wasting time instead of searching for time wasters. The Office Stare […] More