February 2016

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  • Getting A Refund? Here’s How You Should Spend It.

    It’s that time of year again. Time to dig through all those crumpled up receipts, search your emails and print out your bank statements. It’s tax season, and if you’re like 54% of Americans, you’re expecting a refund. However only 7% say they plan on spending that refund on something frivolous, like a vacation or […] More

  • WATCH: Perfect Score – The Greatest Dunks From 1984-2016

    Following Saturday night’s insane dunk contest, where Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon put out a combined eight 50/50 scores, an ambitious YouTube user put together a 52 minute long video of every perfect score in NBA dunk contest history. Long-time fans will remember Julius Erving from the free throw line, or Michael Jordan, Vince Carter […] More

  • It’s Cold AF. Stay Inside And Get Lost On The Internet

    So maybe you’re in the northeast, and the temperature outside makes doing anything almost impossible. Maybe you’re just lazy and feel like wasting an entire day just lounging around. Either way, we’ve put together a few awesome videos from around the web to keep you occupied. The Most Satisfying Video In The World The good […] More

  • WATCH: Johnny Depp spoofing Donald Trump on Funny or Die

    If you had to pick one actor to portray Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, who would it be? What? Johnny Depp? No, come on be serious. Oh, You are serious. Alright then. Honestly it’s spot on. The humor site Funny or Die released a made-for-tv style movie that is satirically based on Trump’s book “The […] More

  • Weekend Roundup: What You Missed On The Internet

    So the Super Bowl is over, and you’re probably still reeling. The food. The commercials. The halftime show full of clips from other halftime shows. Now it’s Monday and you’re completely out of the loop with what happened all weekend on the Internet. Well fear not! We’ve slapped together a few of the highlights from […] More

  • By The Numbers: Super Bowl 50 [INFOGRAPHIC]

    As historic Super Bowl 50 approaches, there has been plenty of talk over the players, the game, and of course, the commercials. However if you’re not a sports aficionado, you may not know some of the interesting stats that go along with 50 championship games. Some long-time players have never seen the bright lights and […] More

  • The Wait Is Over: NFL 2016 Bad Lip Reading Is Here!

    With plenty of coverage over who will win the historic Super Bowl 50, it’s easy to zone out all this football talk. That is unless you’re talking about the annual NFL Bad Lip Reading Video. Unless you’ve been avoiding them on purpose, you have no doubt seen at least one of the several previously released […] More

  • Three Useless Things You Probably Didn’t Know

    So it happened again. You were caught at a work party without some interesting facts to break the ice. Well fear not! Here are three completely useless, but totally real facts that you can share with Martha from accounting. Maybe it will keep her from talking about her kids… for two minutes. It costs 8¢ […] More