March 2016

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  • Relax! It’s Our Wednesday Workday Playlist

    Wednesdays can be tough. It’s like you’re stuck right in the middle of the work week and Friday seems too far away. Know what helps? Music. But finding the perfect playlist to get you through your monotonous meetings and cringeworthy co-workers can be time consuming. That’s why we’ve done all the hard work for you […] More

  • Presidential Dropouts: Where Are They Now?

    While there are still several months left until the Presidential election, the 2016 campaign season has already had it’s fair share of casualties. Remember those once crowded debate stages? Remember all the fun and laughter we shared with Jeb, and Marco and Chris and a bunch of other guys we won’t have to see again […] More

  • Would These Celebs Still Be Famous If Their First Name Was Their Last? We Investigate.

    Does having the “right name” really give you an advantage in life? We’re investigating this theory by taking a look at celebrities whose last name could also be their first. Anderson Cooper With a staggering net-worth of over $100 million, Anderson Cooper is a huge success. Sure, he already came from money being the great-great-great-grandson […] More

  • BRAKING NEWS: Elderly Woman Slows For Stop Sign Way Too Early

    It was an unseasonably warm March afternoon when Dolores Svitzner was running her daily errands. She had already been over to the post office and was now traveling to the grocery store across town. Dolores has taken this route many times. It’s the same route she takes daily. “I always take this route. It’s the […] More

  • Watch Jonah Hill Play A Giant Loser on SNL

    Imagine this: You’re a high school wrestler going up against your rival school’s undefeated champion. You try you hardest and in the end, prevail and become the hero of your school. Your friends are chanting your name. The feeling of school spirit sweeps over the entire town. Everyone is cheering for you and they couldn’t […] More

  • 3 Things We’d Rather Watch Over Another Political Debate

    The 2016 political season has been in full swing for some time now. The seemingly endless debates are enough to make even political pundits roll their eyes and change the channel. But it’s everywhere. Taking up the airwaves, clogging up your social feeds and constantly consuming normal everyday conversation. So what can you do? How […] More