December 2016

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  • Your Buddy Has Obviously Signed Up For One Of Those Clothing Subscriptions

    Lovingly referred to as “Sweatshirt Dave” by his closest friends, David Sanders has been looking a bit different lately. His best friend Kevin noticed the change almost immediately. “Plaid shirts? Cardigan sweaters? Corduroy pants? I knew something was going on.” Something was indeed going on: Monthly deliveries of clothing from one of those online subscription […] More

  • This Woman Is “Officially Done With 2016”

    With more than two weeks left in 2016, one woman has had enough. 32 year old Sarah Graham today has officially announced that she is “done with 2016”. “I’ve had it. Seriously. I am done with this year.” Initially brushed off as a joke, those close to Sarah began having serious concerns when they received […] More