April 2017

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  • Sean Spicer Asks Press Conference To Hold Him Instead

    Things took an awkward turn at the White House briefing this morning when press secretary Sean Spicer finally broke down in tears. After his first 100 days as the face of the Trump administration, Spicer looked as though he is beginning to feel the full weight of the job. “I’ve been spinning so many stories that I’m actually dizzy.” said Spicer. […] More

  • Here Are A Few Funny Tweets You May Have Missed In March

    Excuse my French but…WHAT THE FFFFFFFFFbaguette — penjamin. (@upsidedowntrash) March 31, 2017 Hi, welcome to assumptions club. I think we all know why we're here. — MehGyver (@AndrewNadeau0) March 9, 2017 [being murdered by cows]more like (finger quotes) "moodered" amirite[the other farm animals immediately join in, even some corn is mad] — Ygrene (@Ygrene) March […] More