Coworker Wants You To Know It’s Really Cold Outside

In the wake of 24 hour news cycles and constant social media updates, there are still a few things that fall through the cracks.

Sure, you may know about overseas conflicts and be up to date on the latest political scandal, but have you been outside?

In an attempt to educate the masses, your coworker Mark just wants you to know: It’s really cold outside.

Sure, you came to work this morning same as him, but maybe you didn’t notice. Maybe the events of the day kept you from realizing you were walking through an icy tundra. Perhaps the snow still clinging to your shoes isn’t indication enough of the current climate just 20 feet from your desk.

Well fear not. Mark is here now and you’ll never again have to wonder if it’s warm out.

Mark’s here to let you know… it’s not.

It’s almost as if it’s winter, but without verbal confirmation, it’s hard to tell.

If only he could cap if off with a little joke about – wait, what’s that? You almost thought about wearing your ice skates?

Oh, Mark. Classic Mark.

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