Worried About Yahoo’s Data Breach? What About Your AltaVista Search History?

The email address that everyone sends their junk mail to has been compromised! Yahoo announced that back in 2014, they were victims of one of the largest data breaches in history.

Literally hundreds of millions of Yahoo email accounts were accessed, giving hackers unfiltered access to erectile disfunction emails and constant contact lists you signed up for 2 years ago to get a coupon code.

Sure, you should log in and change your password. But what about the other websites you haven’t really visited in a decade? Just how exposed are you?


myspace_2012_original_logoHaven’t thought about it in a while, huh? But chances are there are pictures of you doing some dumb stuff like graduating college or tailgating at a football game. Lock it down people.

AOL Instant Messenger

aim-icon-64289According to a recent study, your AIM account still has an away message up. Odds are it’s something really dumb too like “Sleeping zzz”. Do you really want the entire world to have access to this private information?


altaYou left a search for “Pamela Anderson Swimsuit” on AltaVista back in the day. By not pressing “Search”, Pamela Anderson basically disappeared. This was probably for the best though.

That Car Care Message Board

3fe06ce4_skeleton-at-keyboardYou remember the one. John43647 was answering your question on the best car wax for your new 1999 Chevy Cavalier. He’s still waiting to hear back from you. It’s literally all he thinks about at night. Did you remember to do a second coat? Did you use the special drying chamois? Poor guy will never know.

The point is, the internet is a big place. Be sure you always take steps to protect yourself and most importantly, don’t forget to turn on private browsing.

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