Study: America Needs Will Smith To Drop Some New Raps

After one of the toughest political seasons we’ve ever had, people in this country are tired.

The infighting. The mudslinging. The foul language. When will it stop? When will we all be able to unite around something? Something good and pure.

According to a recent study, over 87% of people surveyed fondly remember Will Smith’s “Summertime”.

One woman said that the lyrical stylings or Mr. Smith has saved her marriage more than once.

“I don’t agree with my husband on almost anything, but put on some Will Smith and we’re both nodding our heads like a couple of teenagers.”

Dr. Steven Sampson explains this phenomenon:

“In a society obsessed with sex and violence, it’s nice to take a break and think about the positive things, like the Wild Wild West or taking a trip to Miami.”

This country is divided and Dr. Sampson says the music of Will Smith may be the key.

“Just a little somethin’ to break the monotony.” said the 64 year old researcher.

That’s why there has been a renewed call for Will Smith to return to the microphone.

Celebrities, politicians and average Americans alike are all demanding Smith returns to the studio. One such American is DJ Jazzy Jeff.

“I’ve been telling Will we should get back in the studio for years, mostly due to me needing the money, but whatever gets this gravy train moving again is fine by me!”

Representatives for Smith did not immedietly respond to our request for comment, but sources close to the artist say that he is indeed working on a new album.

Unfortunately we have confirmed the album in for one of his kids. 🙁

We’ll continue to follow this story as it breaks.

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