WATCH: Perfect Score – The Greatest Dunks From 1984-2016

Following Saturday night’s insane dunk contest, where Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon put out a combined eight 50/50 scores, an ambitious YouTube user put together a 52 minute long video of every perfect score in NBA dunk contest history.

Long-time fans will remember Julius Erving from the free throw line, or Michael Jordan, Vince Carter and Dwight Howard’s numerous appearances. Even just clicking through, you’re sure to land on a classic moment from one of the greats.

Every year, the dunks get crazier and often times more ridiculous. But antics aside, were this past weekend’s performances better than those of Michael Jordan in the 1980s? You be the judge.

Be sure to watch the audience for shots of players and celebrities alike, all reacting to the insane dunks.