Guy Fieri Acciendtly Becomes New Host Of Extreme Home Makeover

Family: Our House is a BBQ Pulled Pork Slider

ABC executive Dale Grimes was eating lunch at his desk a few months back when he accidentally emailed cooking show host and general weirdo Guy Fieri, offering him the hosting gig on Extreme Home Makeover.

By the time Grimes realized his mistake, the damage had already been done.

“He just showed up in a van.” recounts homeowner Marcy Shaker.

Marcy and her husband Bill, along with their two children Billy and Sarah, were sitting at home one Wednesday evening when they heard a commotion outside.

“It was that weird haired fella from Food Network. He said he was with Extreme Home Makeover. Looking back, I wish we had asked more questions.” Marcy said with shiver.

Cranes, bulldozers and a crew of over 60 were on hand to transform the Shaker’s two story colonial, into what Fieri called “his vision”.

Little did the Shaker’s know, but that vision included over 750 lbs of pulled pork and a giant brioche bun.


Marcy’s husband Bill said he was confused from the start. “We thought he would paint the walls maybe or bring in new appliances, like we had seen on the show. Instead, he had a bucket of BBQ sauce he just dumped all over the carpet.”

Bill remembers asking right then what was going on, to which Fieri simply yelled “We’re Riding the Bus to Flavortown!”

Bill says he thought it was all an act. “I know these shows do some crazy things for ratings, so I guess i just thought we’d go along with it.”

So go along they did.

48 hours later, the Shaker’s stood out front, waiting behind a bus for the big reveal.


“We were hoping that the BBQ sauce and meat were just a distraction. Looking back, we should have known by the bus parked out front that we were dealing with a real psycho.”

When the bus pulled away, The Shakers were horrified to see that their two story colonial was now just a giant pulled pork sandwich.

“Bill was screaming, but Fieri acted as if we should be thanking him.”

“This is money!” said Fieri, who jumped in the Oscar Meyer Weiner Truck, which apparently he had stolen, and drove away. Thankfully police picked him up just 7 miles down the road at a truck stop where he was “chowin down” on a jar of pickled pigs feet.

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