Would These Celebs Still Be Famous If Their First Name Was Their Last? We Investigate.

Does having the “right name” really give you an advantage in life? We’re investigating this theory by taking a look at celebrities whose last name could also be their first.

Anderson Cooper

With a staggering net-worth of over $100 million, Anderson Cooper is a huge success. Sure, he already came from money being the great-great-great-grandson of Cornelius Vanderbilt, but Anderson has certainly made his mark on TV news.

But would Anderson have been as successful if his names were reversed? Cooper Anderson sounds more like an accountant than a TV personality.

Sure, Louie Anderson was successful for a while, but eventually his last name must have caught up with him.

Now Anderson Louie sounds bad ass, right? Probably someone you would have continued supporting instead of forgetting about Life with Louie all together.

Moving on.

Jennifer Lawrence

Box office superstar Jennifer Lawrence is truly at the top of her game. Earning millions per role, the actress is at the peak of success.

But where would Lawrence Jennifer be? Probably not commanding the massive pay day that the Hunger Games actress receives.

It’s more likely Lawrence Jennifer would be a struggling comedian who goes by “Larry Jen”. He gets a few slots at the local comedy club, but many patrons seem disappointed when they find out he isn’t asian.

Christopher Lloyd

Christopher Lloyd would look and act the same if he was Lloyd Christopher. We don’t really have a good explanation for this one other than he is a talented and timeless actor who transcends our foolishness.

Tracy Morgan

SNL and 30 Rock alum Tracy Morgan survived a serious car accident a while back. He’s now back on stage and back to making all of us laugh with appearances on SNL and at clubs around the country.

Morgan Tracy? That sounds more like a modern day ABC reboot of Dick Tracy where they show that a woman can be just a tough and sluthy as a man. Joking aside I would probably watch this.

Our Conclusion

Switching around celebrities names has shown how a very small change along with the sense of humor of a 12 year old can really have a massive impact on celebrity success.