Your Grandma Wants To Know Why You Haven’t Called More

She’s not going to be around forever

You’re just getting to work on a Wednesday morning. You went out a little too late last night and will likely be paying for it for the rest of the day.

You take your first sip of biter office coffee when you feel your phone buzzing in your pocket.

The number on the screen looks vaguely familiar. Better answer this one.

You: Hello?

Grandma: Hello? James! It’s your grandmother.

You: Oh Hi grandma! How are you?

Grandma: Oh, well, you know, I’m hanging in there for an old lady.

You: Haha you certainly are. What’s up?

Grandma: Oh, well I just wanted to call and tell you something. I know you’re very busy with your job and everything so I won’t take too long.

You: No it’s no problem Grandma.

Grandma: Oh, well since you haven’t called in a while I just figured you must be very busy. I know you kids get busy these days.

You: It’s totally fine grams. What’s going on?

Grandma: Well, I was having coffee this morning with Ethel and she told me her grandson Jimmy – You remember Jimmy – He was always a smart young man. Anyway, Jimmy just got a promotion at his job.

You: Oh… Ok. Yeah I kind of remember him. That’s good.

Grandma: It is good! Just last year he had a kidney stone. You remember me telling you about the kidney stone, don’t you?

You: Yes grandma I remember.

Grandma: Anyway I’m just glad things are turning around for him.

You: Yeah that’s really great.

Grandma: He’s going to be an assistant manager now.

You: *sigh* That’s really good.

Grandma: It is! Hopefully it will get him over that messy divorce he just went through. You remember me telling you about his divorce, right?

You: Yes grandma, I remember.

Grandma: Well I know you’re busy so I won’t keep you. I just wanted to give you a call. Wait. While I have you on the phone, what size pants are you wearing now?

You: Um, I’m honestly not sure. Why?

Grandma: Well Ethel’s husband just passed away and he has a lovely collection of slacks. You wear slacks right? For your job? I know you’re busy so I just thought if they were the right size, this would save you from having to go buy more slacks for work.

You: That’s ok grandma. I’m all set with slacks.

Grandma: Are you sure? These are nice slacks.

You: Yes Grandma. I’m sure.

Grandma: So how’s that pretty girl you were seeing back in high school? Is she still not interested?

You: Alright grams. I gotta get going.

Grandma: Oh, well ok. I just wanted to check in.

You: Yes. I’ll call more. Promise.

Grandma: Oh it’s ok I know you’re very busy.

You: Never too busy for you grams.

Grandma: In that case I have just a few more things…

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