You’re Stuck In The 80’s & The Only Way Back Is To Convince Everyone Bill Cosby Is A Bad Guy

Good Luck. He’s friggen Ghost Dad.

You’re walking down a dark alley on your way home from a friend’s house. You’ve never taken this way home before, but something was pulling you here.

As you turn a corner, there is a door. It almost appears to be glowing. You walk up to it and turn the knob.

Whooooooaaaaaa! What just happened? Is this… the 80s? You look around at all the men with long hair and hear WHAM on the radio. Oh yes. It’s the 80s alright.

Wow this is crazy. But how did you get here and how do you get home?

Just then an old man approaches. He comes close and whispers in your ear. “You’re stuck in the 80s now forever. That is unless you can convince everyone that Bill Cosby is a bad guy.”

“Shouldn’t be a problem” you reply confidently. “He raped like dozens of women and lied about it.”

“Ah yes, but you are here in the 80s, where nobody believes this yet. To them he’s Cliff Huxtable and the Jello spokesman.”

“Son of a bitch.” This will be way tougher than you realized.

You start out by just telling people the truth, but they obviously don’t believe you.

“He’s a treasure” replies one woman.

“Lady, I’m telling you, he is no good. Like dozens of women have been taken advantage of by him.” But the woman just smiles and walks away.

You decide right then that the only way out of here is to expose this sinister pudding pusher. The American people need to know the truth. You put together everything you have on him and steal a car.

You arrive on set in Queens where they are in the middle of filming an episode. The Huxtables are all there and oh yes, a live studio audience. Perfect.

You wait for the perfect moment and then leap on to the set.

“This man is a fraud.”

You lay out all the evidence. The timelines, the women, the cover ups. Everyone is silent. All eyes turn to Bill.

Without saying a word, Bill just looks out at the audience gives them one of these…


They all crack up with laughter as you’re escorted off stage and taken away.

“This really is hopeless.” you think, as you’re placed in a back room full of Jello snack packs.

There’s no doubt in your mind now that you are stuck here forever. There is no way these people would ever believe how sick this son of a bitch really is. At least not yet. Maybe, just MAYBE in a few decades, the truth will come out.

You lean against a pallet of chocolate pudding and decide to rest a bit.

When you wake, you’re in your own bed again, safe in 2016.

“Whoa. Was… was it all a dream? Did I really go back in time? Oh god I hope I didn’t change anything!”

Panicked, you reach for your phone to confirm everything is ok. Thankfully there are articles about Cosby’s misdeeds, but the next headline you see chills you to your core.

“Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign?”

Dear god. What have you done?

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