Husband Tries To Pitch In, Finds New Ways To Be Wrong

What started out as a simple load of laundry has ended with blood, tears and a new appreciation for a typically mundane chore.

In an attempt to both please his wife and also have clean towels, Rick Stevens embarked on what he now refers to as one of the worst experiences of his life.

It was a Saturday like any other. Rick awoke feeling groggy and in need of coffee. But first, he thought a shower would help ease him into the day.

But alas, there were no towels in the hallway closet, a situation Rick described as “very odd.”

“That’s where the towels go. I wasn’t sure where else they would be.”

After an exhaustive search of the other storage areas, Rick was at a loss.

It was then when Rick ventured into the laundry room to uncover a cold, chilling scene: a massive pile of dirty laundry strewn across the floor.

“My wife normally does all the laundry, but I guess she has been pretty busy lately, so I didn’t want to bother her. Plus, I’m an adult. It’s laundry. It’s not that difficult.”

But those words would end up repeated in Rick’s head for the next 7 hours. As he attempted to sort through the mess of cotton and denim, his grasp on reality became hazy.

“Does a gray t-shirt go with the whites? I guess not, but it’s not a dark either. Is it delicate? It’s a t-shirt. It’s not sturdy.”

Unsure about many details, Rick made the fatal mistake of just going ahead and washing stuff.

“Had I known that what I know now, let’s just say things would be different.”

As the load of laundry finished, Rick’s wife Stacey arrived home to discover him in the laundry room.

“What are you doing in here” she asked.

“I thought I’d do a load of laundry. Help out a bit.” Rick replied.

“Did you use fabric softener? These are whites so they also need the stain booster. Do you run it on cold? Please tell me you ran it on cold.”

But Rick hadn’t run a cold cycle. Like a normal person, Rick assumed hot water would better suit dirty laundry. And as for the fabric softener and stain booster, well let’s just say he didn’t think THREE liquids would need to be added to a load of laundry. Couldn’t someone just combine them all into one detergent?

As she opened the dryer, Stacey saw that several sweaters that were once mediums were now fit for an elf.

The white duvet cover was a blueish hue thanks to a pair of dark jeans, and specks of blood stained the once white towels after Rick had sliced his finger opening the dryer sheets.

“If he just listened. I’ve told him probably a million times how to properly- no. You know what? This is my fault. I should know better than to leave laundry. I should have seen this coming.”

However out of this disaster, both Rick and Stacey said they’ve learned a valuable lesson.

“I get it now. I do.” said Rick, feeling emotionally defeated but ready to try again.

“We both have.” said Stacey, vowing to never let him near the laundry. “We both have.”

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