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Tom Hanks To America: “You are gonna be fine”

Tom Hanks was recently named “America’s Dad” by Esquire magazine. On his most recent visit to SNL, Hanks put on a cardigan and sat down to reassure a worried nation. “Remember when you went through that Depression? This is nothing! You’re just growing up, and you’re in an awkward phase.” He goes on to remind […] More

Become A Star With Our NEW Country Music Generator


Looking to start a country music career? Need a littler inspiration? Well look no further. Our Country Music Generator® will help you craft the perfect, twangy bullshit you’ll need to rise to fame. Just follow these simple steps: More

Some of the best political tweets of 2016

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The 2016 campaign season is underway, which can mean only one thing: Political tweets. The jokes, the GIFs, the endless supply of candidate one-liners and reactions. It’s the only part of the seemingly endless election cycle that is actually entertaining. This year certainly has no shortage of material. With candidates such as Donald Trump, Ben […] More