3 Things We’d Rather Watch Over Another Political Debate

The 2016 political season has been in full swing for some time now. The seemingly endless debates are enough to make even political pundits roll their eyes and change the channel.

But it’s everywhere. Taking up the airwaves, clogging up your social feeds and constantly consuming normal everyday conversation.

So what can you do? How can you escape the endless drivel and often times childish banter between presidential candidates?

We’ve got a few ideas. Here are a few things you can watch, besides the static on your TV, that can get your mind off of politics.

Stare at a wall

That’s right. No matter where you are there is probably a wall close by. Just go stare at it. Really hunker in and take some time to appreciate the silence and simplicity of the wall.

Bask in the fact that the wall doesn’t want you to vote for him. Honestly, he’d probably rather you didn’t. I mean he’s a wall with very little experience and no political allies to speak of. Not to mention he’s got some skeletons in that closet to the left.

But what’s his stance on the border? Well, we can probably assume he’s pro-wall. Gay marriage? Hmm, he is very attached to some studs.

Alright this isn’t working. Even staring at a wall can’t get all the ridiculous rhetoric and political posturing out of our subconscious. Let’s try something else.

Watch a Fish tank


Perfect. What could be more calming that staring at these peaceful creatures? They seem so unaware of the problems and issues we deal with daily.

Hmm. This goldfish seems to be in charge. He isn’t that much bigger than the other guys. Wait. He lives in a castle? That probably adds credibility. Plus he’s friggen GOLD. That has to make the other fish think he’s pretty smart.

Meanwhile all the other fish seem to be struggling. One is cleaning the side of the tank. Several others were cramped together in a tiny rock formation, much smaller than the palatial estate of Mr. GoldFish.

He tells the other fish that he can “make the tank great again”, but it looks like the other guys are doing all the work. Then again, you don’t get to live in a big castle and be adorned in gold if you don’t know what you’re doing, right?

Ok, it’s happening again. Even these docile, water dwelling creatures have drawn our mind back to politics. There has to be something that will get us away from the seemingly endless political cycle.

Watch Foreigners Do Science

Here we go. This is sure to do the trick. Videos of people doing interesting things… with accents

[Scroll Scroll Scroll]

What’s this one? A guy putting marshmallows in a vacuum. Sweet.


Wow that’s crazy. In a vacuum, everything seems bigger. Sort of like how when one person is making all the noise, they seem larger than life.

Ok, ok. Moving on.

Holy crap! Can you believe it? Who would have thought that by simply shocking a large population, you can make them turn out in HUGE numbers?

Alright. Obviously we’ve failed.

We tried our best, but we just couldn’t break the death grip that politics has on everything we do these days.

Maybe we will just keep on making fun of it the best we can and power through until November. At least then we will get a break from all of the constant coverage and debate dissections, right?