Iowa-nna Know: What The Shuck Is A Caucus?

There can often be too much information flying at you during a political election. Aside from the attacks, the debates, the internet memes and oh, the actual election, there are many areas where average voters are still left in the dark. Electoral Colleges? Swing States? Donald Trump??

The news in the past few weeks has all centered around Caucuses. The Iowa Caucus to be exact. It will be the first time voters in the U.S. will cast their vote… or literally go stand near some other like-minded folks, to support who they would like to represent them in November’s election.

The caucuses are controlled by the parties themselves. The two major political parties actually decide how the events unfold, but they both end with an eventual winner. MSNBC did a great ob explaining it in this video.

Republicans basically cast a ballot, writing down who they support on a piece of paper. The Democrats do things a bit differently. Here’s a breakdown of the lingo, the processes and widely varying events.

Residents in each of the over 1,700 precincts, gather in public areas such as gymnasiums to discuss the presidential election. Representatives from each candidate attempt to make their final case to ultimately win the support of attendees.

Turnout at these events is typically very low, but many especially on the Democrat side are hoping for a better showing from younger caucus-goers this year.

Still confused? Yeah, us too. But to be fair, most of what the government does is confusing, so c’est la vie.

Think you already know everything there is to know about caucuses? Take this quiz and find out.

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