How To Spend Your Powerball Winnings: Crazy Cribs

With the highest lottery jackpot in history set for this Wednesday, we thought we’d take a minute to help the potential $1.3 Billion dollar winner spend that newly minted cash. Check out these “cribs” from around the world.

Even being conservative, let’s say you could spend at least $5 Million on a house. Here’s a few places we wouldn’t mind calling home.


Ekholmen – A Beautiful Tuscan villa in the premier Monticello Wine Region, nestled in and surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. Some of the luxury amenities include 16 foot ceilings, Wolf gas range and ovens, Sub-Zero fridge, cherry cabinetry and Brazilian granite countertops, cast-iron porcelain whirlpool tub, 3 zone Geothermal system and much more.

Price: $5,000,000


Las Vegas

10116 Summit Canyon Dr., LAS VEGAS – This 12,314 sq ft 6 bedroom, 14 bathroom is a gambler’s paradise. With all the amenities you could ever want including an association who will take care of that pesky yard work for you. A 4 car garage and golf course views are sure to make dealing with the heat worth the sweat.

Plus the Vegas Strip is just a short drive away. What could be better for someone with all that money?

Price: $4,999,000



Casa Quaccia, Playa Tortuga – With endless beach and ocean views, Private patios, terraces, and guest houses, this property has it all. It’s everything you’d want in a vacation home with 7 bedrooms, 8 full baths and ocean. We mentioned it’s right on the ocean, right?

Price: $4,900,000


Ok, you’re done being reasonable. It’s time to be down right ridiculous.

Katafanga Island, Fiji


We’ll let the description speak for itself.

“This sprawling 225 acre island of unspoiled beauty, laced by swaying coconut palm trees and natural habitat, is 1 mile long by 1/3 mile wide with 150 foot elevations. The impressive coral reef, which encompasses a pristine blue lagoon, magically has a natural opening of 200 feet wide, thus allowing for luxury yachts over 200 feet to enter and dock, and have the serene protection of the lagoon.”

Price: $25,000,000


Ok, now let’s assume you’ve gone mad. You buy them all. A grand total of $40 Million dollars, spent just like that. Now consider this: If you had $400,000,000 in the bank earning just a few percent, you’d make the $40 million back in no time at all. Doesn’t seem so crazy now, does it?

No matter how you decide to spend your winnings, don’t forget about the people who helped you along the way. Maybe even the person who wrote this post? Ok, ok. At least send us a postcard?