Travel Hacks: Tips and Tricks To Save You Time And Sanity

While the price of flights may be going down this year, the real cost of travel is often time as well as money. Here are a few tips to make traveling in 2016 a bit easier and hopefully save you a bit of both.

There’s an app…

Our phones are increasingly becoming personal assistants. Whether you need to check on your flight’s arrival time or book a hotel at your destination, chances are there is indeed an app for that. Not only do these apps make things easier, but everything is right in your pocket when you need it.  Here are a few of our top choices:


TripIt can automatically compile essential travel information from confirmation emails and create a digital itinerary.


Whether you’re traveling for business or taking a spur of the moment vacation, HotelTonight can help you snag a deal last minute. The site, founded on the premise of “a life less planned”, can help you secure a last minute room almost anywhere in the world.

Google Translate

Traveling abroad? Download Google Translate and just say a phrase in English, and the app will repeat it in the language of your choice. Technology, eh?

Pack Smarter

Ask yourself a few questions when packing. Do you really need three pairs of pants for a weekend trip? Two pairs of shoes? People often try packing for many “what-ifs” when traveling which can be a waste of time and energy. Consider these tips for a lighter bag:

Lay it all out

Before shoving things into your bag, try laying everything out on your bed flat, taking note of what you’ll really need. Don’t forget socks and underwear and chargers for your digital accessories. Many hotels provide basic essentials like razors, shampoo and even toothbrushes, so for short trips, leave the toiletries at home.

Roll everything

Many travel experts agree rolling is more efficient than folding your clothes. Rolled clothes take up less space and are less likely to get wrinkles from fold creases.


Layer Up

Need to get an extra outfit and you’re already out of space? Layer your clothes! Often times airports can be cold and uncomfortable, but an extra sweater can make traveling more comfortable and efficient too. Just don’t go overboard.

The ultimate travel hack:
Leave everything at home.

One of the best trips I ever took was one where all I had was my cellphone (which is also my wallet) , a pocket charger and $100 in cash. The thought being that for a short trip, I can layer up, and buy whatever I really end up needing when I get there. Sure, I could have bought a charger too, but that has ended up costing me $30+ on previous trips, so lesson learned.

The flight back, I had my extra clothes as well as a few other things in a small bag provided by the hotel I stayed at, which I was able to carry on. Obviously this isn’t always an option, but if you ever get the chance, take it.

The easiest tip is to stop packing for every eventuality. You can prepare all you want, but in the end, trip happens. Happy Traveling!