This Woman Is “Officially Done With 2016”

Calendars be damned.

With more than two weeks left in 2016, one woman has had enough.

32 year old Sarah Graham today has officially announced that she is “done with 2016”.

“I’ve had it. Seriously. I am done with this year.”

Initially brushed off as a joke, those close to Sarah began having serious concerns when they received an email from her dated January 1st, 2017.

Coworker and friend Melanie Johnson says that things have gone from bad to worse this year.

“When Prince died, she was pretty bummed. But after Donald Trump was elected President, it’s like she just mentally checked out. Honestly, I can’t blame her.”

While most of those in Sarah’s life have the same reaction, Sarah’s longtime landlord says he’s caught in the middle.

“She refuses to pay December’s rent. Like the month doesn’t even exist anymore. Part of me just wants to let her slide. Like, I get it. The other part of me is a landlord though, so I’m torn.

Another life caught in the balance is Sarah’s new boyfriend Steve.

Having only been together for a short time, Steve told friends he was “a little worried” that someone can just dismiss an entire year.

However shortly afterward, those same friends reminded Steve about the many years he wore carpenter jeans and he immediately became supportive of the idea.

“Screw the past! We all need to keep looking forward!”

Forward indeed, Steve. Forward indeed.

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