Hard To Watch: Man Tries To Peel A Green Banana

It started out like any other Friday.

Sam Bleeker had just finished up a call at work and decided to take a quick snack break.

However, a cruel twist of fate was about to rock Sam’s entire world.

His usual mid-morning donut was nowhere to be found and Sam was left with nothing but a single green banana in the break room.

Shaken but not yet defeated, Sam embarked on what would soon become known as “that time Sam lost his shit”.

It started with a tug, then a twist, then a full on wrestling match between Sam and the green banana.

Eventually a crowd started to gather and Sam’s frustration continued to grow.

Coworkers were shouting advice left and right.

“Peel it from the bottom!” yelled Kathy.

“Try snapping it like a Slim Jim!” added some guy named Keith who reportedly “always smells like beef jerky”.

After just 5 minutes, the once green, fresh, healthy snack was now an inedible mangled mess of yellow mush.

Sam, visibly shaken and emotionally drained, retreated back to his desk in a cloud of shame.

One onlooker commented that Sam may have been crying, but it was later confirmed that a bit of mushy banana had just splattered on his face during the incident.

Sources say that one woman, Sally Hatsfield, was pretty shaken up by the whole ordeal.

“That was my lunch.”

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