Man Wears Trump Hat Ironically, Turns Disastrous

This was a huge mistake.

It was an unseasonably warm October night. John Sculder and his friends were on their way out to a grab a few beers.

Known for being a “class clown” back in high school, John thought the “TRUMP” hat that he purchased ironically at a local gas station would get a big laugh. Boy was he wrong.

Within seconds of walking into the bar, a group of women approached John and immediately started screaming and shouting at him for how stupid he must be.

“They were saying some pretty rough things. Calling me a hate monger. A racist. One of them said I probably thought it was ok to just grab her. Her boyfriend must have heard her, because everything after that is a blur.”

John’s friend Trevor says that a “really jacked dude” came up and knocked John out.

“We were going to jump in, but we thought it was best to just get the hell out of there. People really hate Donald Trump and we didn’t want anyone thinking we supported him.” recalled Trevor.

John’s friends carried him to the car. On the way out, the TRUMP hat fell off in the parking lot.

A group was later seen gathered around the hat just berating it.

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