Poll: Traveling For The Holidays Is Going To Be A Pain In The Ass

Surprising data out now on holiday travel

A new poll conducted by research firm Howe & Wise has confirmed our worst suspicions surrounding the 2016 holiday season: It’s going to be a huge pain.

The traveling. The people. The unfamiliar bathrooms.

Sound awful to you? You’re not alone.

According to the poll, 97% of Americans said this holiday season is going to be “the same or worse” as previous years.

The numbers, which are typically pretty high anyhow, are up significantly this year due to the gruesome election cycle.

According to Dr. Steven Howe, listening to your uncle is going to be “really exhausting”.

“People are frustrated. Add to that the fact that most will have to travel this season and you have a recipe for disaster – and I’m not just talking about your cousin’s cooking.” stated Howe.

As for recommendations to beat the holiday hassle, Howe says he has used the same method for several years.

“Basically I just pretend I’m sick and tell my wife I can’t go. I suspect she knows I’m not really sick, but she also understands that it’s for the best.”

The poll also asked respondents to name their least favorite relative. For the 15th consecutive year, “Aunt Susan” took the number one spot with 78% of the total votes.

Howe added “Apparently everyone still has an annoying Aunt Sue, so maybe that’s one thing we can all unite around.”

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