Recently Divorced, Woman Starts Journey With Hip New Hair Color

Maybe she’s born with it – maybe she’s going through some things right now.

When 36 year old Dana Carter finished signing her divorce papers, she immediately knew that it was time for a few major changes in her life.

“First I joined a gym, then I started tanning, but something was still missing.” said Dana.

That’s when she decided to make an appointment that would change everything.

“My friend Heather is a hairstylist. As soon as I told her about my situation, she had just one word: ombre.”

Stylist Heather Sharke says there was no doubt in her mind that this is what Dana needed to do.

“I decided to go with pink highlights. It’s a great way to let other people know you’re going through some shit right now, but you’re still like super fun.”

Heather got right to work and in no time, transformed Dana from a recent divorcee into a recent divorcee with colored streaks in her hair.

“It’s so liberating! I feel like a completely different woman. I feel like I could do anything! I want to go buy a cowboy hat. I don’t know why. I feel like I just need one now.” Dana exclaimed.

Asked what she was most looking forward to, Dana said “The dozens of likes when I upload my new profile picture on Facebook. Maybe, if I’m lucky, even a heart-eye emoji from an ex-boyfriend.”

High hopes arising out of an otherwise depressing situation.

Stay positive, Dana.

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