UNDER PRESSURE: High School Sophomore Has Tweet Go Viral

It was just another Wednesday afternoon. Kyle Brigs was walking home from school as he often did. Casually strolling, unaware of the crazy twist his life was about to take.

While passing by his neighbors house, Kyle noticed their dog Ruffles was outside. Kyle remembers the moment as if it were yesterday.

“I remember their dog was outside. His name was Ruffles.”

Kyle took out his phone and composed what from then on would be referred to only as “the tweet”.


He hit TWEET, thinking if nothing else, his one friend Kevin would laugh. Little did he know, forces were in motion. Forces that would take Kyle’s seemingly obscure tweet around…the…world.

A fashion blogger, who had just recently adopted a pup of her own, was searching Twitter for dog tweets. She somehow stumbled upon Kyle’s masterpiece and made a spilt second decision that would change everything. She clicked RETWEET.

Within 5 minutes, Kyles phone exploded with incoming notifications. Likes, retweets, new followers. It was almost too much to handle, but at the time, Kyle thought it was “kinda cool”.

“I’ve never had a tweet take off like that. It was kinda cool.”

By the time Kyle arrived home, he had skyrocketed from 32 followers to over 750.

His friends were all giving him high fives, but it was at that moment that Kyle knew he was in trouble.

“I had never had a tweet with more than 3 likes. The pressure of knowing that 750 people were waiting for me to craft another masterpiece was daunting to say the least”

What followed could only be described as “embarrassing”.


Kyle tried to think of more funny tweets, but things just kept getting worse.


Kyle tried for weeks to recapture that “viral tweet high”. He did get a brief bump when his neighbor’s dog passed away a few months later.

“It was a pretty sad day for my neighbors, but pretty rad for me.”

Pretty rad indeed Kyle. Pretty rad indeed.

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