Inspiring: This Guy Delivers Pizza, But Doesn’t Smoke Weed!


Dave Simpson, a 26 year old from Upstate New York, has just broken a decades old tradition. Simpson, who was recently laid off from a job in retail, decided to deliver pizzas while he “figured things out”.

There’s just one caveat: Dave doesn’t constantly smoke weed.

For years, it has been a widely accepted truth that all pizza deliver drivers are high af all the time. However Simpson says he hasn’t smoked pot since high school.

“It wasn’t for me. I got really paranoid.” he recalled.

But within hours of starting his new job, Dave says the other drivers became oddly suspicious..

“They all kept asking if I was a cop. I assured them I wasn’t, but I could tell they didn’t believe me.”

Unshaken by the less than warm welcome, Dave finished his first shift having made only $26 in tips.

Within a few days, Dave said he was growing tired of the monotonous driving and the minimal income.

“I don’t understand how these guys can cruise around all day or just sit while they wait for orders to come in. It’s really boring. I started folding a few boxes, you know, just to keep busy.”

That’s when everything changed. The shop’s owner, Mark Salvatore, happened to stop in and see Dave taking initiative and was absolutely stunned.

“I’ve never seen any of these guys do anything they weren’t actually asked to do. That’s how I knew Dave was my new store manager!” boasted Salvatore.

Dave seemed relatively unmoved by the news. “I went from driving pizzas around to organizing the shifts for the guys who drive pizzas around. I guess I’m excited about the promotion, but I’m also very depressed because this is my life now.”

As to advice for anyone considering the pizza industry as a career, Dave had these final words: “You should definitely be high if you’re going to work at a pizzeria. It’s awful and I know that now.”

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