The Price Is Wrong: Contestant Calls Bullshit On “Actual Retail Price”

Dale Wimbley waited his entire life for a chance to grace the stage of The Price is Right.

Years of carefully comparing prices and bargain shopping has made Dale something of a “Price Expert”.

However one faithful day, Dale’s dream of appearing on the Price is Right quickly turned into a nightmare.

After waiting in line for several hours, Dale excitedly entered the CBS Studio.

Within minutes of the show beginning, Dale was indeed asked to “come on down”. After winning the first showcase, Dale took the stage to play one of his favorite pricing games.

“Dale, for $10,000, how much is this waffle iron?” asked show host Drew Carey.

“Ah, the Sunbeam xL45. I know it well. You can buy that waffle iron for $24.97 on Amazon.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, the actual retail price is $69. Thanks for playing, Dale.”

In an instant, Dale’s entire life came to an abrupt halt.

“No, it’s $24.97 on Amazon. Why would anyone pay $69?” Dale exclaimed.

After throwing what one producer called a “hissy-fit”, Dale began riffling through the other prizes.

“What about this can of Pringles? You say it’s $3.49, but has it for $2.47. Bullshit. These Finish dishwasher tabs? $4.49 but you have them marked at $6.75. What kind of fuckery is this??”

Eventually security was called and Dale was escorted away, but not before sharing a few words of advice with the show’s host and crew.

“You guys should really get an Amazon Prime membership for the show. You’re paying waaaaay more than anyone else would for this stuff.”

Sources inside the show say the actual retail prices are indeed “bullshit”, but went on to add they have no immediate plans to rectify the situation.

As for Dale, he says he’s done with the show.

“The Price is Wrong. Very wrong. I just hope the American public will someday know the truth.”

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