Trump Hires 90’s Music Icon Shaggy As New Communications Director

In an attempt to deflect negative criticism as well as answer to some very serious allegations, President Trump has hired 90’s pop icon Shaggy as his new Communications Director.

Best known for his… uh.. it’s not like reggae or rap really, but it’s.. whatever. You know, Shaggy.

Look I’m not really into writing this now that I’m actually typing. The premise is Shaggy has that song “It Wasn’t Me” where he tells his buddy to just deny everything.

Like ha ha. That’s Trump only option now.

But honestly our President is so unhinged that it makes writing satire fucking difficult. Like there’s a good chance anything I’ve written before in jest is totally up for grabs at this point.

Also, I was going to include the track for “It Wasn’t Me” but then I’d have to go to Youtube or Spotify or something and actually look for it. I have better things to do.

Like write this.

I’ll admit I dropped the ball here. I’ll try harder next time. Maybe. You’re probably not even reading anymore, so honestly – I probably won’t.

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